We Tell It To Our Children


A Haggadah For Seders With Young Children

By Mary Ann Barrows Wark - Illustrations By Craig Oskow

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Reader Endorsements

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Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, Senior Scholar, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Canada
"...I am impressed with its usability and appeal. After all, the Torah instructs us 'to tell our children,' and you do just that..."

Rabbi Bernard S. Raskas, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple of Aaron, St. Paul, MN
"A remarkable teaching device and experience in helping young children understand Passover. The use of puppets, songs and other techniques immediately involve the young child in the story..."

Rabbi Leigh D. Lerner, Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanu-El-Beth-Sholom, Montreal, Canada
"The Passover story you will create from this Haggadah is filled with action: people who have feelings, ideas that become concrete, symbols that are related to a story... From experience I know that it is good for home use, a perfect addition to the religious school curriculum, and perhaps above all - downright fun for adults too..."

Sara S. Lee, Director Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
"We Tell It To Our Children: The Story of Passover is an innovative contribution to Jewish Education in our institutions and in the Jewish home. It uses storytelling, puppets and drama to bring to life the story of Passover in a compelling way. While educators and parents may want to adapt some of the content, the framework and methodology is very helpful in serving the needs of young children and families."

Alan D. Bennett, Executive Vice President, Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education
"Your remarkable Haggadah fulfills the mitzvah which requires us to tell the story and, by implication, to rehearse the tale so that all may follow it. Families - and little children - are the beneficiaries of your talent and of your contribution to Jewish life."

Mrs. Maxine Simon, Pre-School teacher, Jean Lyle Children's Center, a private, secular preschool, St. Paul, MN
"...We used this new work and the entire staff agreed that it was outstanding! All the children could follow the story through the illustrations. The children came alive when they heard the familiar tunes and the repetition of the tunes and words within the seder. ...This is the first Haggadah I read that provides a developmentally appropriate learning experience for young children."

Suzanne Sigman, Owner, The Little Book Room, Milton, MA
"We were extremely fortunate to find this incredibly unique Haggadah to offer our customers in our children's bookstore. It is a clearly-organized, complete, and sensible telling of the Passover story for young children. Its true participatory nature, clever song lyrics and beautiful illustrations motivate children to take an energetic role in this important holiday celebration. It was a sell-out."